You Were Right Mother


It was that time of the year when I was at home day in and out in chilly weather. Thanks to the holiday time, it made me contemplate the artistic streak in me. It was then that I wrote a poem. So, this is what I started with.

I opened my eyes, cried and cried,
It was so annoying but she was by my side.

I toddled around, got myself hurt,
She took me in her lap, offered all comfort.

I grew more and quarreled with her at most times,
She sat all alone and cried at nights.

When she stopped me from going out late at night,
I got irritated and cursed with all might.

When I went away to study and she wasn’t around,
I was happy at first for I didn’t feel bound.

But then I realized, in this world of betrayal and lying,
She is the only one whose love is undying.

When everybody else considered me a failure,
She cheered me up, she was my only savior.

Her love had no boundaries, it was me who didn’t realize,
I was wrong the whole time not at all wise.

Her care is enduring, like none other,
Now I know, that all this time, you were right Mother.


13 thoughts on “You Were Right Mother

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  1. From a layman’s perspective itz a good startup.You’ve beautifully encompassed your thoughts in simple words.The basic disposition of these lines is such that ppl of all age group could easily relate as we all hve passed through these stages n how our mother held a pivotal position in our life every now and then 🙂

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