When you hit the bed at night to sleep and suddenly a thought strikes your mind. You struggle with sleep for hours until you pen them down and transform into a poetry.
This is what happened with me last night. Purely a work of fiction, here’s what I wrote.

4fbe1847a072a5496c098bb7be548edbMY CONSTANT  ♥

Look who’s that?
Who’s he?
Is he an angel
Or Aladdin’s genie?

With powers so special,
And a great potential
Let me present
He is my constant.

What can he do? Oh!!!
He stands by my side,
through high or low.
You’ll think that’s normal
But mind you!
That ain’t easy to do.

So lets talk about the constants,
Highly underestimated
The variables though,
May be over rated

Its the constant
that’s by your side.
They balance the equations
of chemistry and life.

Talk about maths
Or talk about reality,
At the times of problem
x’s and y’s may vary conveniently.

A constant on the other hand
Is same throughout,
It remains stable
In and out.

You can count on it
Its always there
Same as earlier
A quality so rare.

So at this instant,
And at all instants
He’s the one,
He is my constant.

‘Cause the sun shall rise and sun shall set
The spring may turn to monsoon, so wet
The moon may go from full to crescent
But he remains, my dearest constant.


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