Being An Introvert

First of all, readers, let me tell you that this post is not something inspirational or entertaining or allegorical. It’s just something relatable. If you are an introvert kind of person, you could relate, you could know that you aren’t alone to feel the way you do.

There are various kinds of people in this world. One, who speak a lot, and they like it that way. The others who say a lot but they don’t quite like the way they are. Also, there are people who can’t speak that much but they want to. And then there are those people who don’t speak that much, but they kinda like it.

What category do you belong to is up to you. Do you say much? Or you can’t express yourself completely? Can you openly ask questions. Or you just can’t put your opinions straight?

Seems like, the word ‘speak’ that I have used above is a bit inappropriate. Yeah, it’s not just limited to speaking. It’s more. It’s about expressing and asking questions and all that stuff too.

So, are you an introvert? Yes? Most of us are. I am an introvert person. I know how that feels. We do have emotions, but those are hard to express. We do have opinions, but those are hard to share. And yes, we do have questions that are hard to ask.

Not many people around us can decipher our thoughts. It takes time to let someone in. Our heads are like an array of mystery rooms. One doesn’t know what’s inside until he tries really hard to get in and solve it himself. We introverts are never going to tell what is inside, on our own. It makes us feel exposed. Something we detest.

I have felt that each day, everyday, since I was a child. Sometimes, I feel frustrated, for not being able to talk it out, for just keeping it inside me. I have been misunderstood a million times.

It so happens with me many a times that my mind is full of a thousand thoughts. Things, that I am dying to tell someone. But when there is really someone to listen, the words just can’t come out. They couldn’t escape my pursed lips. Funny!

It’s hard to understand why is that so. Is it because I am too afraid? Afraid of being embarrassed by my thoughts? Is it due to the lack of self-confidence? Or is it just lazy me who don’t give a damn about such things. Strange. Confusing.

Yes, you all there, you have any reasons? Well whatever the reasons be, the fact remains, that it can’t be changed, whatsoever I try. Besides, those who love us would continue to do so. As for the others, it hardly matters what they think, right?


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  1. Being introvert is not a problem, not able to express is OK, but misunderstood by someone is definitely a matter of concern. There are other ways to express like you blog. Communicating the right massage is important not the medium. Explore!!!!

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