There was a girl, quiet and naive
Mostly in her solitude, discreet and fragile
Limited to her own world, a shell full of hidden emotions
Seeking a companion, amidst all clutter and commotion

Then one fine day, it was somebody she saw
A vibrant handsome man, without a flaw
Who held her hand, showed her a new world
Where she was an open book, felt like a free bird

She got a confidant, and a whole new vision
Ecstatic she was, with a new found optimism
He loved her immensely, stood by in all troubles
Fit in her life, like a piece of puzzle

But life is not all roses, stony roads weren’t away
A season of disappointments, were on the way
The world set them apart, vicious clouds of conflicts rained
She left her dearest mate, for she wasn’t so brave

Time was miserable, coming back was complicated
Tangled thoughts in mind, eyes wet and heart ached
Going against the world, for her, was challenging
But the thought of losing her love was much frightening

Thus the time passed away, and so did the pain
Destiny made its way, and back she came
Complex as it was, but ready for another chance
Little by little, step by step they advance

And once again the love bloomed even better
Life seemed complete when they were together
Stronger was the love and tighter the bond
The journey went on, with god’s magic wand

And so they shall wait, let the time set them free
For the world will also realise, they are meant to be.


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