How I started writing…

Hey folks! Let me tell you that I never believed I was creative or good at poetic and literary works. While I was in school, I was introvert and reserved as hell. I shied away from talking to many people or doing anything other than regular academic work. Little did I know that something was hidden inside me.

Back then, I never used to express my feelings. I failed how much ever I wanted or tried to do it. I never really knew that I could do that very well through my writing.

Through my graduation, things remained pretty much the same. By the end of final year, I used to put up little posts on Facebook about whatever I felt like.

Some one and a half years later (while I was pursuing my masters), something happened at home. My parents were upset with me. My inability to express frustrated me from inside. I wanted to explain them several things. I wanted to stand up for myself and tell them what I felt. But I couldn’t. I was so perturbed that I took a notebook and a pen and started writing. While addressing my parents, I wrote everything. I filled full four pages until completely satisfied and kept on their bed. I did not even want them around me while they read it.

So, I waited. A few minutes later, they just came in my room (my mother all teary-eyed) and hugged me. That took away so much burden from my heart.

But this wasn’t when I really put myself into writing stuff. It was winter’s time when the college was off for several days and I was at home. I just felt like doing something. I felt I was deprived of any talent.

“I mean really, what’s so special have I ever done?” I contemplated.

So, I thought why not write a poem. The first topic that struck me was the one that anyone could relate to. It was “Mother“. The best thing about this topic is that you don’t have to think so much. The ideas come out on their own. You just have to know how to portray them in a beautiful way. I started penning down whatever came up in my mind. I played with words and rhymes. I wanted to write a great poem but felt like I sucked at it so left midway. One of my friends pushed  me to complete the poem. I resisted and said that I couldn’t.

“OK let me read whatever you have written. Good or bad.”he said.

“Fine.” I said.

But I did not want him to just read anything. I wanted him to read a lovely poem written by me. So, I worked further on it and when I was satisfied, I messaged him. He loved it and praised me as much as he could. I gained confidence and posted it on Facebook where I got several other compliments. A few days later I tried my hand on another idea and wrote “My constant“. Again, I got lovely comments. One of my friends even told me that she loved my writing. She had been saying that since I wrote my first few posts. She even said I should write a novel.

Writing a novel seemed like a really big dream so I thought why not start with blogging and share my ideas to a greater extent and with a more intellectual audience. And that’s how I signed up on WordPress and have been writing since.


7 thoughts on “How I started writing…

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  1. Your written pieces are as awesome as you are 🙂 They reflect your amazing soul. Never quit writing! Writing has always been the best stress buster for me. Hope I can write as well as you write someday.

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  2. That’s actually really touching.
    I was always told I was really talented at writing – my teachers (friends and family) always praised me on it.
    Unfortunately, it hasn’t gotten me anywhere so far! It certainly serves to make me feel better about myself though 🙂


    1. Oh, you really are a good writer. And you are right. If not anything else, it certainly gives a satisfaction inside, and it’s great. Also, if you really want to take it to the next level, I’d say you should explore more. There are many opportunities out there for the ones who really have a desire and passion in writing. 🙂

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      1. Haha, when I actually get shortlisted I’ll agree I’m a good writer?
        At the moment I’m pretty much the same as everyone else.

        What opportunities are there other than competition/workshops?


    1. Oh my god. That’s indeed a great compliment. But first let me apologize for replying so late. And secondly, thank you Anu. You made my day. Third, I went to your profile and checked your stuff. You write really great too. 😄


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