Delhi metro, as we all know, has become a major part of the city. One can find the people of Delhi all over inside the metro bogeys or its crowded stations. Rajiv Chowk finds the most amount of people on a busy day, that is practically everyday, except a Sunday or any other holiday.

Today, I am on my way in the metro and not accompanied by anyone. I see plenty of faces around me. It isn’t the first time when I am travelling in it, rather my billionth travel. But today is the day when rather than plugging my earphones on, I try to focus on the faces I am surrounded by. I see some quiet people and I see some others who couldn’t stop talking and laughing. There are some of them studying and some listening to songs. A few are eating food and some are talking on the phone. Some are going to college, some office and some just to enjoy a day with their friends.

I realize, there are an uncountable number of people in this world. Even if I narrow down this world to just India, there are still uncountable number of people. If I still narrow it down to Delhi, nothing changes. And if I narrow it down to just this overcrowded metro I am travelling in, the number of people are still huge. That’s the amount of people we are co-existing with. And we still think that we are something different. We still are so overshadowed with our own built up egos. What we forget is that we are just a tiny dot on a number line that has infinite components on it.

Coming back to this metro, I see some people offering their seats to others. And then there are others who couldn’t even wait for the people to get down the metro just to grab a seat. While there are some who must be doing a 9 to 5 job and some pursuing their PhDs, some appear to be married too early and some even single at the age of 30. Of course there are a variety of people all around us, but if we closely observe, it is nothing but a pattern that repeats after every few people.

But, do I really care? To me, they are all just faces. Faces of normal, ordinary people irrespective of what their profession is or how much intellectual that person is or what mobile phone they are chatting on, they are ordinary.

I am sitting here wondering, if I were to ask each one their story, they all would be quite different and yet somewhat similar, if I connect the ends. Everyone is a protagonist of their own lives. Everyone has their own movie going on and each movie is full of drama, emotions and thrill. If you think that your life is very much different from others, then it really is not. We are existing here like thousands of others. Yes! we are just existing.

No matter how good you are, you will always find someone out there who is better than you. No matter how big you think your problems are, you will always find somebody out there who has bigger problems. No matter how beautiful you think you are, there will always be someone more beautiful than you.

The fact remains that one day, we are all going to vanish. We will vanish into nothingness. We would sure be remembered by some of our dear ones but then they will vanish too. And the whole existence of ours will not have any meaning. After all, it’s just a dot disappearing from an endless line. Does that make any difference?

But something is worth noticing here. If at all there is a next life (read only if YOU BELIEVE in it), then what goes with us is our deeds and our sacrifices. What goes with us would be the amount of love that we were able to give others. How many right decisions we were able to take selflessly. Yes, it’s true. I believe in it.

If I was to talk to anyone in this metro, I’d rather choose the one I see who is giving up his seat for someone more in need of it. Not just me, even you will too. Because at the end of the day, kindness lures us more than other things. It makes THAT person really SOMEONE, unlike others, who are just faces.

Our lives are not extraordinary until we make it. Otherwise, we are all JUST FACES.


4 thoughts on “JUST FACES

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  1. Wow! This one related to my own thoughts on so many levels. I have wondered the very same thing on so many occasions, and it’s heartwarming to see someone echoing my thoughts like this 🙂

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  2. Wooww! Great blog. Hmm..Maybe I too belong to one of those people who think I am better than others at times 🙂 truly the perspective from the other end is reflective. Keep writing!!

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