My favorite benefit of Social Media

It’s interesting to see nowadays how social media has engulfed so much into our lives. Having both pros and cons, it still is one of the most widespread advances in technology. Not even two decades ago Gmail, Facebook, YouTube etc were launched into our lives connecting millions of users to millions others. Not much later, the smartphones made their way into the markets and became our dearest mates. And to this day, it has become one of our priorities to share our lives with the rest of the world be it on  Instagram, WhatsApp or Snapchat.

Well, what I was going to talk about today was, my favorite benefit of social media.

An year or so ago, I landed on the Instagram page of a college girl, Mehak Ghai (Instagram handle @mehakghaiii). She wasn’t a celebrity or something, but I was surprised to see over a 100k followers on her page. I stalked her page for over an hour that day to find beautiful pictures of her in stylish dresses and shoes alongside mentioning the brand that she was wearing. Until then, I did not know that Fashion Blogging was even a thing, let alone a profession! Yes, she was a fashion blogger and I found many like her in the following months. I followed her and witnessed her successful journey. She had people following her who totally adored her and even got to attend the London fashion week with a sponsored journey to London. She also got various chances to travel places both in India and overseas in return for an advertising on her page. Not only this, she also models for some fashion brands and there are many like her. Who wouldn’t want a life like that! And see, it all happened with the magical power of Instagram and other social media where she attracted attention of plenty of followers turned into fans.

And there are many like her.

I also landed on a page of a girl again, this time an artist (Instagram handle @whartever) and believe me, she is an incredible one. She makes cards, does wall painting, paints on shoes and sells them. Even being immensely talented, she had to to a regular job for a living after completing college. After a while, she started doing what she was passionate about via Instagram and reached various customers. Little did she know that gradually she would turn into a full time artist and would never have to do any other job. She is well appreciated and paid for her work and now does what she loves the most.

Not only them, I even found various food and travel bloggers. Of course, people have been blogging for years now, but with the introduction of social media and smartphones being handy, more people have been following their work. Other than that, I do not need to mention the amount of fame people have gathered through YouTube. Musicians, dancers, comedians, chefs, science enthusiasts and all sorts of entertainers do not need to look forward to a stable job if they are committed to follow their passion and gain success.

social-media-trendsPic courtesy: Google

I don’t know how it all started but it is really great to see that music, art, photography, dance, styling, writing, cooking etc have not just been limited to being hobbies but have turned to relevant professions for a good amount of people. Not everybody now sticks to the mainstream jobs, but can pursue their talents without worrying about getting a decent income, if they are really good at it.

The time has changed considerably. It has changed so much that the people now do not think twice before spending on travel, food or getting entertained. It has changed so much that you do not need to rub your heels or move miles away to a dream city to make your dreams come true. It just takes some good stuff to share with your fingertips, a little patience and the opportunities may come knocking at your door themselves.

Not everybody needs to be a doctor or an engineer or a teacher or a businessman. Not everyone has to keep their creativity limited to their friends or relatives or in locked closets. Not everyone has to limit their talent to just a hobby. The power of social media lets you come out in front of the world fearlessly. It lets you showcase whatever you have and then leave it up to the audience to decide. It makes the whole world your critic. And then one day, you never know when it goes on to be a complete hit and becomes your full time profession.

Could you have imagined such a thing years earlier? No. Definitely not! And that’s what I love about the social media.

People are less afraid now. They are more creative and less monotonous. Art (in any form) is much appreciated and encouraged more often.

Don’t you agree?


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