The Naked Tree

Are you happy right now?

Yes? Great! But it will pass.

No? Sad! But it will pass.

Good times are going to pass and bad times will take over, but the bad times are also going to pass only for good times to take over! Undebatable reality. Everyone knows it, but no one lives with it.

Miseries are a part of life as much as happiness is. They are going to come and go. But what matters is, how you face ’em, right?

Before anything further, I’d like you to read this poem.


“Goodbye” said the last leaf
Before falling to the ground and vanishing.                           
The tree all naked stood in disgust
Deprived of it’s power, it’s beauty.

Rejected by the man
And pride snatched away,
It stood alone dreadfully
“The cold musn’t come” it prays.

But what had to come, had come!
Gone was the spring and summer.
The season of winters was harsh,
Hugged it tight like a long lost lover.

Chilly winds and biting cold
Laughed at the tree in a teasing tone.
Timid at first but then determined
To not lose strength and stand tall.

No one did realize, but it knew itself
What true power it behold,
Neither it shattered nor it wobbled
It still stood naked, but strong.

It looked around, only to find
All its companions had gone
The chirping birds, the chittering squirrels
Hid themselves and left it forlorn.

Months passed by and it was finally here, yes!
The spring first came to greet the tree
To lay the blanket of warmth,
Pouring life and bloom and glee

The new leaves danced with joy
Kissing the cheerful pink flowers.
Beautiful as ever, the tree stood high
The sun smiled over it and waved it’s hi!

The birds sat over it and squirrels twirled around.
Man had once again come to its shelter.
But now it remembered, they are temporary buddies
It has to face alone again, another winter!



You cannot stop the hard times to come. Nobody can. But you can definitely face them with strength.

It’s true that in bad times, even your true companions may leave by your side. It’s true that you might have to stand alone in the end. It’s true that you may be rejected once your beauty/power/money/fame is lost. It’s true that you may be forgotten once you are of no use to anybody. But it’s also true that you are strong, very strong, to face all of this and get back again feeling even stronger. Good times surely make you happy and satisfied but harsh times make you stronger and better.

So stand like a tree, in spring, in summer, in autumn, in winter. Firm. High. Stable. Can you or can you not?


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