Coming out of that shell.

A few months ago, there was a seminar conducted for students in our college. It was a good motivational session and once it was completed, the speaker asked the students to put forward their queries. I remember one of the students asking "How to overcome shyness and fear?" This was exactly what the question was,... Continue Reading →


That night in my life!

April 2016. I was back home from Chandigarh in holidays. My sister had been in Hyderabad (from where she did M.Sc), so it was just me, my brother and my parents at home. Just like the other nights, we were normally sitting and talking. It was around 11:00 p.m. and my father was standing near... Continue Reading →

All around me

My husband usually comes home around 8:15 in the evening and on most days sulk about not getting enough time for working out or paying attention to his body. So, on some days he goes to the park for running after coming home and yes, drags me along. So, the other day, we were in... Continue Reading →

Victimized, brutalized!

She is running, running fast, and faster. The night is cold. The trees look aghast while the sound of winds frighten her. The road seems infinite. And she is in the middle of it. She is still running. Her loins are burning and lips are swollen. Her arms are bruised and breasts reddened. She is... Continue Reading →

The Naked Tree

Are you happy right now? Yes? Great! But it will pass. No? Sad! But it will pass. Good times are going to pass and bad times will take over, but the bad times are also going to pass only for good times to take over! Undebatable reality. Everyone knows it, but no one lives with... Continue Reading →

My favorite benefit of Social Media

It's interesting to see nowadays how social media has engulfed so much into our lives. Having both pros and cons, it still is one of the most widespread advances in technology. Not even two decades ago Gmail, Facebook, YouTube etc were launched into our lives connecting millions of users to millions others. Not much later,... Continue Reading →

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