The Naked Tree

Are you happy right now?

Yes? Great! But it will pass.

No? Sad! But it will pass.

Good times are going to pass and bad times will take over, but the bad times are also going to pass only for good times to take over! Undebatable reality. Everyone knows it, but no one lives with it.

Miseries are a part of life as much as happiness is. They are going to come and go. But what matters is, how you face ’em, right?

Before anything further, I’d like you to read this poem.


“Goodbye” said the last leaf
Before falling to the ground and vanishing.                           
The tree all naked stood in disgust
Deprived of it’s power, it’s beauty.

Rejected by the man
And pride snatched away,
It stood alone dreadfully
“The cold musn’t come” it prays.

But what had to come, had come!
Gone was the spring and summer.
The season of winters was harsh,
Hugged it tight like a long lost lover.

Chilly winds and biting cold
Laughed at the tree in a teasing tone.
Timid at first but then determined
To not lose strength and stand tall.

No one did realize, but it knew itself
What true power it behold,
Neither it shattered nor it wobbled
It still stood naked, but strong.

It looked around, only to find
All its companions had gone
The chirping birds, the chittering squirrels
Hid themselves and left it forlorn.

Months passed by and it was finally here, yes!
The spring first came to greet the tree
To lay the blanket of warmth,
Pouring life and bloom and glee

The new leaves danced with joy
Kissing the cheerful pink flowers.
Beautiful as ever, the tree stood high
The sun smiled over it and waved it’s hi!

The birds sat over it and squirrels twirled around.
Man had once again come to its shelter.
But now it remembered, they are temporary buddies
It has to face alone again, another winter!



You cannot stop the hard times to come. Nobody can. But you can definitely face them with strength.

It’s true that in bad times, even your true companions may leave by your side. It’s true that you might have to stand alone in the end. It’s true that you may be rejected once your beauty/power/money/fame is lost. It’s true that you may be forgotten once you are of no use to anybody. But it’s also true that you are strong, very strong, to face all of this and get back again feeling even stronger. Good times surely make you happy and satisfied but harsh times make you stronger and better.

So stand like a tree, in spring, in summer, in autumn, in winter. Firm. High. Stable. Can you or can you not?



There was a girl, quiet and naive
Mostly in her solitude, discreet and fragile
Limited to her own world, a shell full of hidden emotions
Seeking a companion, amidst all clutter and commotion

Then one fine day, it was somebody she saw
A vibrant handsome man, without a flaw
Who held her hand, showed her a new world
Where she was an open book, felt like a free bird

She got a confidant, and a whole new vision
Ecstatic she was, with a new found optimism
He loved her immensely, stood by in all troubles
Fit in her life, like a piece of puzzle

But life is not all roses, stony roads weren’t away
A season of disappointments, were on the way
The world set them apart, vicious clouds of conflicts rained
She left her dearest mate, for she wasn’t so brave

Time was miserable, coming back was complicated
Tangled thoughts in mind, eyes wet and heart ached
Going against the world, for her, was challenging
But the thought of losing her love was much frightening

Thus the time passed away, and so did the pain
Destiny made its way, and back she came
Complex as it was, but ready for another chance
Little by little, step by step they advance

And once again the love bloomed even better
Life seemed complete when they were together
Stronger was the love and tighter the bond
The journey went on, with god’s magic wand

And so they shall wait, let the time set them free
For the world will also realise, they are meant to be.

A Ladder That Ends

Went through a certain phase recently. Couldn’t stop myself from writing this.

That first day
Those first steps,
Climbing a ladder
That rose to success.

Moist with an innocence,
Entering a different place.
To encounter a new life
With infinite desires,
An independent soul
And an inborn fire.

The ladder begins,
With all smiles
On the bottom steps.

Friends come by
And bonds strengthen,
Absorbing all the love
Chuckling and giggling in unison.

Like a solenoid
Together we wind,
In our own magnetic field
We generate delight.

But who said
It was all hunky-dory?
The next steps of ladder
Weren’t as easy.

Sulked a million times
Fought over issues certain,
Wires got tangled
And minds stubborn.

But it faded soon enough
And we got back on our tracks.
We grew to be what we are today
Learnt lessons in every setback,

Only to witness one day
To leave it all,
Those last days
To cherish it all.

The last steps
And the goodbye hugs,
The ladder is over
Time to take another.

We might not see each other everyday now
Or in weeks,
Or months,
Or in years too.
The informal chats
May change to formal How are you’s

But that essence of the journey
Mustn’t fade,
The memories shall lie in hearts

School, college and friends are probably the best part of our lives. But the time always comes when we have to bid goodbyes. Each ladder ends. And its time to take another. Harsh! Hard!



Wrong Idols

We often choose our idols, our heroes in the people we see are most popular or the most talented. Be it our own small community of school, college or office. Or be it the prominent stars in world. Our heroes are often those who make more money or who are much famed.

We are obsessed so much that most of us tend to worship them. And in a fit to be like one, we prepare ourselves for a race to be on the top, just like our ‘so called’ heroes. And in that race, we forget to be someone else. Someone much needed, someone who does the right things, who puts aside their selfish desires once in a while. We forget that we are somebody else, somebody more than just money earning tools.

What about those who haven’t any special talent. What they do possess are compassion, honesty and morality. But what’s so special about them? Right? If you are surprised to read this then let me tell you, a number of people think like that. And if you are not surprised, then you are one of them too. The rays of goodness of such people get shadowed in a world that is blinded by the materialistic realm. Isn’t the basic human essence lost somewhere?

Well, before saying further, I’d like to tell you a story which I wrote in the form of this poem.

Bird oh bird, beautiful and chirpy
Fluttering wings all over the sky
Greeting her friends, ripping through the wind
Lands in her nest wherein her eggs lie.

One sunny day, two chicks crack out
Were named lola and coco.
One was bold the other too quiet
Chirped and tweaked high and low.

Then comes the day to learn to fly
Mama bird teaches them both step by step
Coco struggles, falls repeatedly
Lola, contrarily, was quick and adept.

Benevolent Coco, liked helping others
A sweetheart of poor and aged
But scorned by the peers for she hadn’t a flair
Called unworthy for a life wasted.

Lola on the other hand, dynamic and spirited
Embraced rare panache, praised by all
Made mother proud, comrades envious
To be like her was coveted by all.

Years passed by, nothing had changed
Only mama bird got injured and lost a wing
But the birds had grown and spring came
It was time to set apart on independent ways.

Lola flew to far off lands
Developed a view much pragmatic
Explored the world ,extended her vision
Led the life with a million plaudits.

Coco chose to stay back for mama bird
Couldn’t leave her forlorn and stood as a support.
Didn’t follow the path what others wanted to 
She led her life with sacrifices untold.

Her story remains uncounted not known by many
But is it not this, that made some difference?
The real heroic power was with her all the time
For the world didn’t applaud but its Coco who did shine.


Yes, its Coco. She wasn’t any star but she did shine.

So, this is what happens, right? We are blinded by the Lolas of our society, but who we really need are Cocos.  And rather than needing one, why can’t we be one? ‘Cause the world needs more of them.

Of-course, the stories of the Cocos in our society remain hidden, that is why all of us yearn to be like Lola, the one who gets known. While there’s nothing wrong with being a Lola, this should be something that needs to be second on our priority list. The first spot should be filled by righteousness, by sacrifice, by compassion.

Those of Hindu religion must be knowing that Lord Krishna has defined karuna (or compassion) as the foremost and biggest key to establish ‘dharma’.

Wouldn’t world be a better place if everybody thinks like that. Needless to say, no one can be as perfect as Coco. But what would possibly make a difference will be to try everyday to become a better person, prior to running in some phantom race.


So, go dig it out of yourself. Follow the path less known but most appreciated. Cheers for a better you.

Be lovely! Be Coco!

A little girl’s wish

She sat on the window
Waiting for the flowers to bloom
To see the colors again,
After the gloomiest sputter of monsoon.

She sat there in loneliness and despair
Waiting for, the sun to rise
To see the light again,
After the dark and ugly cries.

Wishing, O God,
Let me feel it once.

She could feel the sinful storm
Slowly carrying away the elation
Leaving behind the wretched her,
Trapped in a shell of deepest desolation.

It seemed like forever now
The ache in the heart do not suppress,
That void certainly can’t be filled
While mind suffered restlessness.

O God,
I would never ask again.

She remembers the beautiful fields
The day and smiles were never so bright
Playing out in the open with elder brother,
Father in the meadow and mother beside.

And then that merciless day
Which left her ridiculously despondent
When destiny showed its evil side
And took away her dearest.

I promise, never again.

She still sat there, holding her teddy
that she once loved the most
She now looked at it in vain
Thinking why now she dread it even more.

It doesn’t love me like mommy
Nor does it pamper like brother
It doesn’t even care like my daddy
All it does is look at me
reminding of my fate further.

Just once,  just once.

She wished for it all her life
To live that day of bright smiles,
Tears dried up, pain slipped through
But it never came true, it never came true.



When you hit the bed at night to sleep and suddenly a thought strikes your mind. You struggle with sleep for hours until you pen them down and transform into a poetry.
This is what happened with me last night. Purely a work of fiction, here’s what I wrote.

4fbe1847a072a5496c098bb7be548edbMY CONSTANT  ♥

Look who’s that?
Who’s he?
Is he an angel
Or Aladdin’s genie?

With powers so special,
And a great potential
Let me present
He is my constant.

What can he do? Oh!!!
He stands by my side,
through high or low.
You’ll think that’s normal
But mind you!
That ain’t easy to do.

So lets talk about the constants,
Highly underestimated
The variables though,
May be over rated

Its the constant
that’s by your side.
They balance the equations
of chemistry and life.

Talk about maths
Or talk about reality,
At the times of problem
x’s and y’s may vary conveniently.

A constant on the other hand
Is same throughout,
It remains stable
In and out.

You can count on it
Its always there
Same as earlier
A quality so rare.

So at this instant,
And at all instants
He’s the one,
He is my constant.

‘Cause the sun shall rise and sun shall set
The spring may turn to monsoon, so wet
The moon may go from full to crescent
But he remains, my dearest constant.

You Were Right Mother


It was that time of the year when I was at home day in and out in chilly weather. Thanks to the holiday time, it made me contemplate the artistic streak in me. It was then that I wrote a poem. So, this is what I started with.

I opened my eyes, cried and cried,
It was so annoying but she was by my side.

I toddled around, got myself hurt,
She took me in her lap, offered all comfort.

I grew more and quarreled with her at most times,
She sat all alone and cried at nights.

When she stopped me from going out late at night,
I got irritated and cursed with all might.

When I went away to study and she wasn’t around,
I was happy at first for I didn’t feel bound.

But then I realized, in this world of betrayal and lying,
She is the only one whose love is undying.

When everybody else considered me a failure,
She cheered me up, she was my only savior.

Her love had no boundaries, it was me who didn’t realize,
I was wrong the whole time not at all wise.

Her care is enduring, like none other,
Now I know, that all this time, you were right Mother.