I’ll finish what I started. Part 2.

The three years of the college were a bliss for them. They hung out, studied together and even went to each other’s places. His mom loved her and hers loved him. They knew that they were best friends. But the time of separation was approaching.

They had their best dance at the farewell party. She wanted to cry over his shoulder while dancing, which she did, but later that night. Tamanna got admission in Bangalore and Samarth, in Delhi for their post graduation. They called each other for hours at a stretch every evening. She told him everything. After all he was her best friend, more than a boyfriend. They flied over to meet each other seldom. 

Around 6 months later, he came to meet her one day. She had cooked his favorite chhole-chawal and he loved them. They danced on their favorite song when she rested her forehead on his shoulder. After a while she looked up to see him. They kissed. As they separated, she looked into his eyes but found something weird. His forehead was creased and face was blank. He wanted to say something, but couldn’t.

She asked him what it was. It took a lot of courage for him to finally say “I was thinking we should take a break for sometime. Look, we aren’t kids anymore. We need to focus on our careers. But we’ll get back together again when it’s time, I promise. But right now it’s best.”

She could see it hurt him while saying all that but she was furious. She wanted to tell him not to do that but couldn’t ask for it. She felt betrayed. How could he even think like that! she thought. Tears rolled down her eyes while she was expecting him to say “Sorry baby, my fault. It was a stupid decision. We’ll stay like we have always been, okay?” But he didn’t. He didn’t say any of that. Even after seeing her stupefied face, he sat numb. Finally she got up and went inside.

“You know what’s best? That we don’t talk or see each other anymore, ever. Tomorrow morning is your flight. Just leave without waking me up.” she said before leaving.
He went after her and tried to hug her. “Please understand.” he said. But she shook him and went away.

The days became miserable. Tamanna had not only lost her love, but also her best friend.  “How could he even do that to me. Didn’t his mouth tremble before uttering all that? Didn’t his heart ache before thinking all that?” she asked herself again and again. She missed how they talked to each other. She missed their conversations, their teasing. He took away the confidant of her life.

Samarth had tried to talk to her several times, but she just wasn’t ready to. He tried talking to her only to make her understand and not to get back together. She was surprised to see how he even thought about staying away. Taking a break? Seriously? Didn’t I mean that much to him as he did to me? Too many questions. Her head was a storm. She sometimes wished something must happen to him to make him realize what he did. Every time she thought about him, anger burst out of her and pain took over. And that was basically all the time.

Eight months had passed and her anger was now suppressing. The pain wasn’t still gone. She still cried on some nights but may be she had forgiven him. She got a call from one of their common friends from college and what she heard from the other end felt like a thousand stabs in her heart. Those words killed her, shattered her. The pain she had felt for the last 8 months seemed nothing now. She couldn’t say anything.

“Samarth has met with an accident. He lost his right leg.” was what she had heard.
She felt guilty. Ashamed. She felt like killing herself. She thought that she was responsible for this. She felt like her revenge was taken, as if the universe had heard her and did this to Samarth. She was miserable.

She flew over to Delhi to meet him in the hospital. His mother cried in front of her and she cried along. She wasn’t strong enough to give a shoulder to anyone. She wanted one for herself. As she saw him from outside,she felt like she was breathing after a long time. It was all she was thinking from the past few months. To see him once, to love him. And now she did, if only it wasn’t like this. It took her several minutes to get the courage to go inside. With a heavy heart she moved in his room. He was alone and asleep. She took his hand in hers and waited. Finally he woke up and saw her. They looked at each other but there weren’t any words. Tears fell down from his eyes and so from hers.

“I’m sorry” he finally said.
“No! I’m sorry.”
“I’m sorry I did all that to you”
“No. You tried talking to me but I didn’t. What I did was worse.”
“I’m happy you came. I so wanted to see you.” he said.

The emotions of pain and regret clouded over her. But amidst all this, there was a certain happiness of meeting him. Her heart felt a lot lighter. She realized he was all she wanted. But she had been so stubborn, so stupid to have let him go. She could at least have tried stopping him. But her ego had stopped her.

“Staying away from you had been so miserable. It was all my mistake. May be God has punished me for that.” he said.

Those words brought back all the pain. They hurt her.
“Stop it! I shouldn’t have let you go. I shouldn’t. Anyway, I did that mistake once and I’m not going to repeat it.” she said.
His looked at her in doubt.

“Yes” she said and kissed his hand. She rolled her eyes to see no one was looking and quickly kissed him on the lips.

She had to fight a lot of people for being with him. Even him! He fought with her for staying away from him. She knew he was upset because he wanted her to have a perfect man for herself especially after what had happened. But she was determined.

“I will finish what I started. I started loving you five years ago. And I’ll do that for the rest of my life.” she had said one day.

Present day

He is walking by her side right now in the park. It’s a Sunday evening and their daughter is playing. He still stumbles some times with his prosthetic leg. But he is getting better at it.
She held his hand tight.
“What?” he asked.
“Nothing” she said and smiled.

He understood and smiled along as always. Continue reading “I’ll finish what I started. Part 2.”


I’ll finish what I started. Part 1.

Walking around in the park one day, they were reminiscing old times. They used to be best friends until one day they fell for each other. She missed how they spent the whole day together and still texted each other the whole night. She remembered the way he used to kiss her while holding her by the waist. He was her constant, her confidant, her boyfriend and her best friend. Till the first year of the college, they were best friends and were inseparable. They teased each other badly, pulled each others’ leg, called each other names until the things changed on their college trip to Manali.

11 years ago.

It was 10 p.m. and their college fest was over. The physics department students were ready to leave for their trip to Manali.

“We’ll reach by tomorrow morning at around 6 a.m.” one of their teachers said.

All the students boarded their respective buses and were totally excited about their first college trip. They reached two hours late by schedule in the morning and were completely tired. But the snow clad mountains and roads took it all away and all of them were bubbling again with joy.

The first two days went away in a flash as they visited all the attractions of Manali. The nights went either talking or sitting in front of the fire and dancing on the DJ. The third day was equally tiring so everyone thought of having a good sleep that night. Tamanna and her girl group were staying on the ground floor and their male friends on the first floor. That night, when all were asleep, she went outside in the small yard that was right in front of their room. She had this habit of sitting alone once in a while and contemplate over things or introspect or just sit. She went on and snuggled up on a garden swing. It was chilling and she had her socks, jacket and cap on. A while later, she saw someone coming from upstairs. He was at the end of the hallway and was coming towards her.

“Hey, what are you doing here, monkey?” she asked Samarth, her best friend.

“What are YOU doing here?” he asked her.

“I just like it here, just wanted to be alone for a while.”

“Does that mean I should go?”

“Yeah you should. Go back and sleep monkey.” she giggled.

He started to get up and leave. “Hey! Since when have you been so formal and decent with me? Just sit okay? I was kidding.” she told him.

He just smiled.

There was something different about him, she noticed. He was so different. He wasn’t teasing her today. What’s wrong with him! she thought. 

There was complete silence for the next few minutes. They had been alone together a lot of times before, but had never been this much silent. It felt awkward. Awkward with him! for the first time. She was looking around when she felt his eyes on her.

Seriously!!! she thought, but didn’t have the courage to look straight at him. 

“Aren’t you feeling cold?” she finally broke the silence.

“No. I’m OK.” he simply said.

He was looking away now and she looked at him. She saw how the moonlight was reflecting his perfectly sculpted jawline.  She noticed how beautiful his hair were. She also admired the curve of his lips from the side. He was smiling lightly. It showed his dimples. Even the tiny scar on his right cheek just seemed perfect to be there. Funny thing, she never noticed him so carefully till now. The light blue sweater that he was wearing seemed to go well with his fair skin. She noticed his neck. It was breathtaking. 

What am I even doing? she thought and immediately looked away. Seriously! Him! This monkey!

She wished him good night and came back to her room. She laid down on the bed but the sleep couldn’t take over her. That night just changed everything. May be it was the magic in the cold of the night or it was him. Whatever it was, it changed everything.

The last day of the trip was scheduled for trekking. All the students wore the snow suits, boots and gloves. The serenity and beauty of the white mountains was immense. The trek was fatiguing. Tamanna was breathing heavily after having gone midway. Samarth was by her side and asked for her hand. Her heart suddenly filled with joy and she couldn’t help but smile. The look on his face sent chills down her spine. She could see his eyes, the eyes that had always laughed at her or with her now seemed like an ocean of emotions. Those eyes were looking at her as though they would engulf her. She felt so shy and the redness on her plump cheeks made it so obvious. She held his hand and her heart started pounding. The feeling of him being there to protect her was unprecedented.

One of their friends had noticed.

“What’s between you two? Finally together?” she asked later that day.

“What? No.” Tamanna said sheepishly.

“Shut up! Samarth had always been like this for you, you stupid. It’s so obvious. And now you are falling for him too. Ahaan!” she grinned.

Tamanna couldn’t say anything.

The trip finally came to an end and the long bus journey got the two of them even closer. Samarth came to sit beside Tamanna. It felt a little awkward at first but then they started talking like they always used to. A while later she finally found some sleep coming to her in these four days. She woke up later to see him holding her hand but did not say anything. She couldn’t. She just held it tightly. Things were unsaid but still a lot was said that day. The smiles on their faces said everything. Their eyes said everything.


to be continued..

Victimized, brutalized!

She is running, running fast, and faster. The night is cold. The trees look aghast while the sound of winds frighten her. The road seems infinite. And she is in the middle of it. She is still running. Her loins are burning and lips are swollen. Her arms are bruised and breasts reddened. She is running from someone she can’t see. No one is after her. She looks back again and again but she can’t find anyone. She is alone, all alone.

And suddenly, there is a shadow that is approaching her. It is coming closer and closer. It is there now, right in front of her. She has stopped now and is breathing heavily. She looks up to see him. It’s him! Him!

She wails. She shrieks hard.

“Kya ho gaya Tanya, mera bacha (What happened my child)?” she heard her mother saying. Tanya is awake now and the sweat has covered her body. She felt like ants were crawling on her. The trees, the wind, the night has gone. But the bruises are there, the redness, the swelling all are there. The pain in her loins is still there. And the image of his face, his evil face, is still there. The whole scene flooded up her mind for the thousandth time.

She could remember herself begging him, begging him to stop. She could remember the crooked smile on his face while he was into her. She could remember how he had torn away her clothes. She could still smell his stinking breath over her. She could still see his yellow teeth that bit her here and there. She could feel the brutal touch of his rough hands that went all over her. It all came up again, yet again.

She started crying and her mother hugged her. Her hug had always taken away the smallest and the biggest of worries from her mind. But right now, she felt alone. She felt exposed and scared even at her home. Even in her mother’s arms, she didn’t feel safe. It had been two weeks that she didn’t go out. All her days have either been gone crying or rethinking what had happened. She would imagine herself hitting him with an iron rod. She imagined hitting him hard, very hard, again and again….there. He would scream and cry and it would make her happy. But it was just a thought. Only if she could actually do it, it would please her.

The police was still unable to locate him and that made things harder.

Two weeks later she finally managed to gather courage to go to her college somehow. Each stranger on the road now seemed villain. She felt as if everyone was watching her, waiting to rip her apart. The sound of her own screams was still in her ears. But the gory details of her rapist’s face had started to fade. She was trying her best to normalize her life. Her brother started dropping and picking her up from the college. Inside the college, she was with her friends all the time.

Things were finally coming back to track until one day, Tanya went to the washroom with one of her friends. The classes had been over and the corridor was empty. Her friend was inside while she waited outside. A sweeper was cleaning the floor. “Beta zara side ho jao (Kid, please move aside).” he said. She moved aside while he mopped the floor from there. While cleaning, his hand just grazed her arm mistakenly.

Tanya rushed to the other side waiting for her friend. The touch had sent goosebumps all over her body. She could now see the sweeper taking her by hand dragging her all the way in the corridor and then stairs to the empty classroom. She could see him doing things to her, again. The sweat had started to roll down her forehead. Her face had gone blue and a startled and scared look spread upon her face. Her heart was beating fast and she was breathing heavily.

The sweeper looked at her and asked “Kya hua beta (What happened, kid)?”

His look seemed evil.

“Aap thik ho (Are you OK) ?” he uttered again.

The words stung in her ears.

Her hand moved into her bag’s little pocket. She found the knife that she hid there while going to the college weeks ago. She couldn’t have got the courage to go out otherwise. The sweeper was about to say something now, but as he opened his mouth, she ran up to him. While screaming hard, she shoved the knife right through his chest.




She ended him.

The tears from her eyes, the sweat from her neck, the knife in her hand, all fell at the same time. She fell too and so did the sweeper’s body, on the floor. She closed her eyes now. The ghastly images were gone. The frightening sounds were gone. She did not know what to feel now. She was blank. Everything was black.

Sometimes it’s hard to judge what is right and what is not. Tanya, a young girl like many others fell prey to an unfortunate incident.

She wasn’t a victim, but was victimized. She wasn’t brutal. She was brutalized!

About my experience at teaching- about my students!

“Mam, why don’t you write an article.” one of my students told me while I was taking a class having very low attendance the other day.  What! I thought. He knows about my writings through Instagram or whatever, but yeah he knows! I haven’t ever told anyone myself, so it obviously feels special if someone cares and takes out time to read your stuff.

So, I have been thinking that I am cheating myself for so long now for not writing anything. I have just been so dormant, constantly reminded by my father to write, write and write, but I have just been procrastinating. Ugh!!!

Anyway, coming back to this article, it is going to be all about my experience at teaching which I have been doing since 9 months now. I am an Assistant Professor and yes, I teach college students.

I remember the first day at my job. I was completely nervous and scared as hell. Being a 23 year old and teaching 17 or 18 year old students isn’t an easy thing. For a person like me who is so shy, so introvert and so full of stage fear, it was like a challenge.

“You won’t look like a teacher to them.” my brother had teased me.

“Just wear proper suits and lipstick and little makeup so that you look a bit older.” my mother-in-law had said.

“You yourself look like a kid.” said others.

These were all the comments that I got and those definitely made me thinking. What if I just forget everything in front of my students or what if they don’t like me or what if they don’t take me seriously. So many what-ifs! It kept me pondering. I’ll have to be strict with them, not joke around a lot, keep a serious face, maintain a respectable distance with them etc, was all I thought.

So the day was here and fortunately the first week there weren’t any classes and I just studied and prepared for my lectures. The next week when I had to take the class, I constantly reminded myself that I could do it and do it well. So, I entered the class and there were around 60 young faces looking at me. I am going to be judged in this one hour, I thought. I started by introducing myself and then immediately came to the topic to teach. I tried making as little eye contact with them as possible. There was complete silence and they were listening to me very carefully. It went good. The rest of the day I had other classes and within a week I found confidence building up inside me and words flowing naturally out of me.

And now? Now I am as comfortable in a classroom as I could be anywhere.

The one thing that I love about teaching is that you meet so many new people at once and you care to know about all of them. You feel happy for some of them and sad with others. There are a lot of young minds who look up to you. Some may be scared of you, some may shy away from you, some may ignore you and some just adore you.

It is a profession where you don’t need to work for about a 10 years to guide or mentor someone. You can do that instantly in teaching. It is a profession where you can make a difference in someone’s life if you want to.

You encounter a lot of different mind sets, a lot of different personalities and you got to deal with all of them. Each classroom has some different yet those same kinds of students.

There are curious minds, sleepy heads, attitude problem carriers, utterly gullible and simplicity bearers, chatterboxes and what not. There is that one bunch of talkative yet intelligent minds of the class so you can’t really punish them but you scare them instead. There are those first benchers of class who make you feel like teaching with even more enthusiasm. Then there is this naughty boy of the class who disturbs the class all the time and you got to shout at him but deep inside you know he is childlike so you still like him. Then there is that one student who is just so serious about studying and getting good grades but you still feel bad for him because you want him to have good friends and enjoy life rather than just studying all the time. There is also that one student in class who always seem a little sad so you just ponder what’s wrong with him. Then there are girls who admire you and compliment you and make you feel good all the time. And then, there is that one boy in the class who becomes your favorite student because he is not just good at studies but interacts with you with great sincerity and you just like talking to him. Each one of them is special. You may punish them, shout at them but you just want all of them to flourish.

There may be days when you go home with an ache in the throat or pain in the legs but that doesn’t bother you.

I did not have that passion for teaching while I was young. But now? Yes, I have started to like it. I know there’s a lot more to explore and a lot more steps to climb up to but the initial steps have been great.

I don’t know what my students think about me or what kind of a teacher I am perceived as. I really don’t know and I am still learning. But I know that I have been treated very well, ignored for my mistakes, sometimes judged but mostly loved. I think it is not just the teacher who makes a student something but the students also make a teacher something.

All those who have been a part of my learning journey have been special. I hope, years later, I am not only remembered but remembered well by them.

The Naked Tree

Are you happy right now?

Yes? Great! But it will pass.

No? Sad! But it will pass.

Good times are going to pass and bad times will take over, but the bad times are also going to pass only for good times to take over! Undebatable reality. Everyone knows it, but no one lives with it.

Miseries are a part of life as much as happiness is. They are going to come and go. But what matters is, how you face ’em, right?

Before anything further, I’d like you to read this poem.


“Goodbye” said the last leaf
Before falling to the ground and vanishing.                           
The tree all naked stood in disgust
Deprived of it’s power, it’s beauty.

Rejected by the man
And pride snatched away,
It stood alone dreadfully
“The cold musn’t come” it prays.

But what had to come, had come!
Gone was the spring and summer.
The season of winters was harsh,
Hugged it tight like a long lost lover.

Chilly winds and biting cold
Laughed at the tree in a teasing tone.
Timid at first but then determined
To not lose strength and stand tall.

No one did realize, but it knew itself
What true power it behold,
Neither it shattered nor it wobbled
It still stood naked, but strong.

It looked around, only to find
All its companions had gone
The chirping birds, the chittering squirrels
Hid themselves and left it forlorn.

Months passed by and it was finally here, yes!
The spring first came to greet the tree
To lay the blanket of warmth,
Pouring life and bloom and glee

The new leaves danced with joy
Kissing the cheerful pink flowers.
Beautiful as ever, the tree stood high
The sun smiled over it and waved it’s hi!

The birds sat over it and squirrels twirled around.
Man had once again come to its shelter.
But now it remembered, they are temporary buddies
It has to face alone again, another winter!



You cannot stop the hard times to come. Nobody can. But you can definitely face them with strength.

It’s true that in bad times, even your true companions may leave by your side. It’s true that you might have to stand alone in the end. It’s true that you may be rejected once your beauty/power/money/fame is lost. It’s true that you may be forgotten once you are of no use to anybody. But it’s also true that you are strong, very strong, to face all of this and get back again feeling even stronger. Good times surely make you happy and satisfied but harsh times make you stronger and better.

So stand like a tree, in spring, in summer, in autumn, in winter. Firm. High. Stable. Can you or can you not?

My favorite benefit of Social Media

It’s interesting to see nowadays how social media has engulfed so much into our lives. Having both pros and cons, it still is one of the most widespread advances in technology. Not even two decades ago Gmail, Facebook, YouTube etc were launched into our lives connecting millions of users to millions others. Not much later, the smartphones made their way into the markets and became our dearest mates. And to this day, it has become one of our priorities to share our lives with the rest of the world be it on  Instagram, WhatsApp or Snapchat.

Well, what I was going to talk about today was, my favorite benefit of social media.

An year or so ago, I landed on the Instagram page of a college girl, Mehak Ghai (Instagram handle @mehakghaiii). She wasn’t a celebrity or something, but I was surprised to see over a 100k followers on her page. I stalked her page for over an hour that day to find beautiful pictures of her in stylish dresses and shoes alongside mentioning the brand that she was wearing. Until then, I did not know that Fashion Blogging was even a thing, let alone a profession! Yes, she was a fashion blogger and I found many like her in the following months. I followed her and witnessed her successful journey. She had people following her who totally adored her and even got to attend the London fashion week with a sponsored journey to London. She also got various chances to travel places both in India and overseas in return for an advertising on her page. Not only this, she also models for some fashion brands and there are many like her. Who wouldn’t want a life like that! And see, it all happened with the magical power of Instagram and other social media where she attracted attention of plenty of followers turned into fans.

And there are many like her.

I also landed on a page of a girl again, this time an artist (Instagram handle @whartever) and believe me, she is an incredible one. She makes cards, does wall painting, paints on shoes and sells them. Even being immensely talented, she had to to a regular job for a living after completing college. After a while, she started doing what she was passionate about via Instagram and reached various customers. Little did she know that gradually she would turn into a full time artist and would never have to do any other job. She is well appreciated and paid for her work and now does what she loves the most.

Not only them, I even found various food and travel bloggers. Of course, people have been blogging for years now, but with the introduction of social media and smartphones being handy, more people have been following their work. Other than that, I do not need to mention the amount of fame people have gathered through YouTube. Musicians, dancers, comedians, chefs, science enthusiasts and all sorts of entertainers do not need to look forward to a stable job if they are committed to follow their passion and gain success.

social-media-trendsPic courtesy: Google

I don’t know how it all started but it is really great to see that music, art, photography, dance, styling, writing, cooking etc have not just been limited to being hobbies but have turned to relevant professions for a good amount of people. Not everybody now sticks to the mainstream jobs, but can pursue their talents without worrying about getting a decent income, if they are really good at it.

The time has changed considerably. It has changed so much that the people now do not think twice before spending on travel, food or getting entertained. It has changed so much that you do not need to rub your heels or move miles away to a dream city to make your dreams come true. It just takes some good stuff to share with your fingertips, a little patience and the opportunities may come knocking at your door themselves.

Not everybody needs to be a doctor or an engineer or a teacher or a businessman. Not everyone has to keep their creativity limited to their friends or relatives or in locked closets. Not everyone has to limit their talent to just a hobby. The power of social media lets you come out in front of the world fearlessly. It lets you showcase whatever you have and then leave it up to the audience to decide. It makes the whole world your critic. And then one day, you never know when it goes on to be a complete hit and becomes your full time profession.

Could you have imagined such a thing years earlier? No. Definitely not! And that’s what I love about the social media.

People are less afraid now. They are more creative and less monotonous. Art (in any form) is much appreciated and encouraged more often.

Don’t you agree?


Delhi metro, as we all know, has become a major part of the city. One can find the people of Delhi all over inside the metro bogeys or its crowded stations. Rajiv Chowk finds the most amount of people on a busy day, that is practically everyday, except a Sunday or any other holiday.

Today, I am on my way in the metro and not accompanied by anyone. I see plenty of faces around me. It isn’t the first time when I am travelling in it, rather my billionth travel. But today is the day when rather than plugging my earphones on, I try to focus on the faces I am surrounded by. I see some quiet people and I see some others who couldn’t stop talking and laughing. There are some of them studying and some listening to songs. A few are eating food and some are talking on the phone. Some are going to college, some office and some just to enjoy a day with their friends.

I realize, there are an uncountable number of people in this world. Even if I narrow down this world to just India, there are still uncountable number of people. If I still narrow it down to Delhi, nothing changes. And if I narrow it down to just this overcrowded metro I am travelling in, the number of people are still huge. That’s the amount of people we are co-existing with. And we still think that we are something different. We still are so overshadowed with our own built up egos. What we forget is that we are just a tiny dot on a number line that has infinite components on it.

Coming back to this metro, I see some people offering their seats to others. And then there are others who couldn’t even wait for the people to get down the metro just to grab a seat. While there are some who must be doing a 9 to 5 job and some pursuing their PhDs, some appear to be married too early and some even single at the age of 30. Of course there are a variety of people all around us, but if we closely observe, it is nothing but a pattern that repeats after every few people.

But, do I really care? To me, they are all just faces. Faces of normal, ordinary people irrespective of what their profession is or how much intellectual that person is or what mobile phone they are chatting on, they are ordinary.

I am sitting here wondering, if I were to ask each one their story, they all would be quite different and yet somewhat similar, if I connect the ends. Everyone is a protagonist of their own lives. Everyone has their own movie going on and each movie is full of drama, emotions and thrill. If you think that your life is very much different from others, then it really is not. We are existing here like thousands of others. Yes! we are just existing.

No matter how good you are, you will always find someone out there who is better than you. No matter how big you think your problems are, you will always find somebody out there who has bigger problems. No matter how beautiful you think you are, there will always be someone more beautiful than you.

The fact remains that one day, we are all going to vanish. We will vanish into nothingness. We would sure be remembered by some of our dear ones but then they will vanish too. And the whole existence of ours will not have any meaning. After all, it’s just a dot disappearing from an endless line. Does that make any difference?

But something is worth noticing here. If at all there is a next life (read only if YOU BELIEVE in it), then what goes with us is our deeds and our sacrifices. What goes with us would be the amount of love that we were able to give others. How many right decisions we were able to take selflessly. Yes, it’s true. I believe in it.

If I was to talk to anyone in this metro, I’d rather choose the one I see who is giving up his seat for someone more in need of it. Not just me, even you will too. Because at the end of the day, kindness lures us more than other things. It makes THAT person really SOMEONE, unlike others, who are just faces.

Our lives are not extraordinary until we make it. Otherwise, we are all JUST FACES.