Delhi metro, as we all know, has become a major part of the city. One can find the people of Delhi all over inside the metro bogeys or its crowded stations. Rajiv Chowk finds the most amount of people on a busy day, that is practically everyday, except a Sunday or any other holiday. Today,... Continue Reading →


How I started writing…

Hey folks! Let me tell you that I never believed I was creative or good at poetic and literary works. While I was in school, I was introvert and reserved as hell. I shied away from talking to many people or doing anything other than regular academic work. Little did I know that something was... Continue Reading →

Are we better than animals?

My mother keeps a bowl of milk everyday for street dogs passing by. A few days ago, I witnessed something that left me pondering. It was evening when the dog came by. He stood there outside the gate, wagging his tail and looked at my mother in anticipation. She went inside, poured the milk and some bread... Continue Reading →


There was a girl, quiet and naive Mostly in her solitude, discreet and fragile Limited to her own world, a shell full of hidden emotions Seeking a companion, amidst all clutter and commotion Then one fine day, it was somebody she saw A vibrant handsome man, without a flaw Who held her hand, showed her... Continue Reading →

Being An Introvert

First of all, readers, let me tell you that this post is not something inspirational or entertaining or allegorical. It's just something relatable. If you are an introvert kind of person, you could relate, you could know that you aren't alone to feel the way you do. There are various kinds of people in this... Continue Reading →

A Ladder That Ends

Went through a certain phase recently. Couldn't stop myself from writing this. That first day Those first steps, Climbing a ladder That rose to success. Moist with an innocence, Entering a different place. To encounter a new life With infinite desires, An independent soul And an inborn fire. The ladder begins, With all smiles On... Continue Reading →


"This isn't as good as you told me." said the little boy to his mother, as they were walking through the narrow street of the town they had recently shifted to. "Everything is so different here. Its been over a week and I still don't have any friends at school." "Have you talked to anyone?" asked his... Continue Reading →

Worthwhile at Wagah

Rare are those moments when you experience something so great and so euphoric that you wish to write down about it. Around six months ago, we had a trip to Amritsar. It wasn't a very well planned trip, rather, I should mention that it was just a weekend getaway. But on our way back from there, we took... Continue Reading →

I am proud of you…

  When I look back at myself a few years back, I witness a lot has changed. Not alone the life, but me. A lot, that I was drawn to share it and to write this post. I remember the day I graduated from my college. It was a big day. But something was bigger.... Continue Reading →

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